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Party Themes

Costume-themed swinger parties have grown in popularity, part because dressing up is always fun and part to the extra excitement surrounding role play and becoming something, or someone, different. They are not just for Halloween parties or events. Swingers take full advantage of costumes all year round and the growing sales in the costume industry shows just that. Of course, there are the fan favourites; naughty school girls, nurses, maids, school teacher, the list goes on and on, but with the growing variety of outfits, the ideas for swinger themed events have flourished. The seemingly-average school nerd can become a sexy nun and gain new-found confidence with a change into a new character’s clothing.

What are the top Club themes and what are the top home themes.  Are they the same?  Or are there ones that work better at home. 

So, looking around the Internet for some swingers’ theme parties ideas?  Ones that would work either way, club or home.

So an easy list of themes

New Years




School teacher


And so on.