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Party Etiquette/Code of conduct

Not sure what to expect and how to behave to make a good impression?

To help give you an idea, here are some general rules & etiquette for clubs and parties.

For any party at a club or house, one rule always stands true in the lifestyle — No means No!

Another is respect to others. Always respect the rights, feelings and comfort levels of others and their spouses. Respect other wishes and boundaries.

Be polite.

Use protection always.

Be hygienic – look good &smell good.

Bring extra towels, toiletries, condoms and change of clothes.

Don’t get wasted or drunk

Break these rules and you’ll find yourself out the door fast!

In addition, when going to a house party;

R.S.V.P: If you are invited, it is considered proper etiquette to reply as soon as you decide whether you will be attending.

Don’t show up empty handed: Ask ahead if you are unsure of what to bring. A beverage or food item is most common.

Always Clean up after yourself: Never leave a mess

Remember though that all clubs and parties have their own specific guide